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Danny DeMichele: Online Business Experience that's on Your Side

Danny DeMichele is known for his business acuity and success as an entrepreneur. But he would be lying if he said he was always successful. Thankfully, people learn more from failure than from success.

After his first website sale and its subsequent demise, at age 20 Danny DeMichele learned important lessons about what to avoid when building business online. He took that experience, hired smart people who were willing to work hard, and built an internet agency to help others find success with their online ventures. That company, eVisibility, was named the 169th fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine in 2010. Eventually Danny DeMichele sold eVisibility to LSF Network, and LSF—-with the newly acquired eVisibility--became one of the U.S.’s largest privately held digital agencies.

Today, Danny DeMichele relies on his 20 years of experience to train individuals how to avoid the potholes and roadblocks on the path to successful Internet business relationships. Whether on the client side or the agency side, individuals can benefit from Danny’s struggles and investment experiences to save substantial time and money. Some of his skills include:

- Navigating the ever-changing environment of online marketplaces
- Understanding the myriad of industries being managed by business service providers
- Determining misnomers in the everyday advice most businesses think to be accurate

The strategy Danny uses has proven successful because he believes that messaging, marketing, and traffic should be aimed at capturing the attention of actual people—not just businesses. He applies the same mindset to his customer relationships; he will not waste an individual’s time or money if he is not a good fit or able to offer significant help or resources.

If you need someone on your team as you build your online business, Danny DeMichele can help ensure you will succeed for the long term.